Power of Perforrmance Feedback

12:45 – 1:15 PM

Session Description

Feedback is a critical part of performance. The way you give and receive feedback directly affects the outcomes of your team. If you’re like most people, the feedback you provide is often vague, inconsistent, nuanced, and generally ineffective.

To unlock real performance improvement- you must learn how to utilize feedback effectively. It’s a game changer for your team.

In this session, I want to teach you how to give feedback that is timely, specific, and simply more effective. I’ll share how to set meaningful performance expectations, address unmet expectations effectively, and performance feedback timelines and processes to improve performance. I’ll provide you with a set of tools that you can begin using today to deliver feedback, to not only transform your team, but your entire organization.

Attendees will:

  • Utilize tools that can guide corrective, coaching, and reinforcing feedback conversations to improve performance.
  • Learn how to address unmet performance expectations effectively and proactively.
  • Learn how to use the data from performance feedback to strategically improve individual and team performance.


Amber Vanderburg

.Amber Vanderburg is a multi award winning international businessperson, keynote speaker, and founder of The Pathwayz Group. In 2016, she left her job in corporate HR to become the only female, only American, and only blonde Academy elite football coach for the Adidas Gameday Academy/Paris Saint Germain Academy in Bangalore, India. She worked with an international team of coaches to transform the organizational design, training development, and corporate culture to cultivate a higher-performing team. Today, Amber and The Pathwayz Group work with international teams that struggle with co worker tension, inefficient processes, and unmet performance expectations in an action focused approach to become more effective, more efficient, and more enjoyable.