Growing Conflict Mgmt Skills …

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Session Description

During a time of challenging transitions, conflict management skills are crucial. In this session, participants will explore the connection between Perceived Organizational Support and quality conflict management to increase productivity, foster more effective collaboration, and make it possible for themselves and their employees to surpass their goals.


Attendees will:

  • Identify your own Conflict Mode and learn to leverage it for growth
  • Understand the positive impact of quality conflict management on Perceived Organizational Support
  • Learn two skills to immediately elevate your conflict management abilities


Anna Nielsen

Anna is passionate about helping people see conflict as progress. She’s a lifelong communication enthusiast who thrives when creating Conflict Capable leaders, teams, and organizations to drive innovation and maximize growth. Working as a conflict resolution professional, executive leader, and change-maker, one thing has been true in every organization she has encountered: people need a shared method for managing conflict and they don’t have it. She created the Conflict Capable Method to address and solve this problem. This method was created by fusing her experience as a civil mediator, conflict resolution consultant, Non-violent Communication (NVC) practitioner, and facilitator to solve the universal problem of workplace conflict. Anna has worked with organizations of all kinds helping them navigate their way through conflict, shape their culture, design their dreams, and aim high. She’s at her best when in the middle of a puzzle which needs solving, and she’s always ready. Some of her favorite projects include work with a national media company that needed to revitalize its Diversity and Inclusion policy, a large organization that needed to undo the damage caused by years of gossip and silos, and leading a statewide coalition through the process of merging. Anna holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Diversity Studies from Metropolitan State University, and a master’s degree in Advocacy and Political Leadership from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. She loves improv, popcorn, paddle boarding, creative writing, and high fives. She is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she lives with her husband Gabe and Morris the Golden Retriever.