The Unhappiest Place on Earth: Deconstructing Workplace Stress

Wednesday 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Session Description

Workplace stress is a real part of our lives. Since we can’t make it magically disappear, we need to know the tools we have at our disposal to minimize the effects it has on us, our colleagues, our clients, and the other people in our lives.


Dottie Li

Dottie Li, founder and CEO of TransPacific Communications, has extensive global expertise in cross-cultural communication. Her path has taken her from China to the corridors of government, association and corporate power in Washington, D.C.

She moved from broadcast and print journalism to work as a corporate spokesperson and public relations executive. Then to the White House, handling media advance assignments around the country and the world for presidential trips. After her White House service, she served as a communications chief for several large national and international nonprofit organizations.

A warm and engaging speaker, Dottie has been on a journey of crossing cultural barriers her entire life.

The young girl who secretly listened with her family in China to the forbidden Voice of America radio service became the young woman whose first job in the U.S. was as a VOA broadcaster, heard at her family’s home, explaining America to China. She served as the liaison between The White House and government and business officials, media representatives and ordinary citizens, in numerous countries, facilitating a smooth exchange of ideas and plans. She has worked tirelessly across social and ethnic hurdles in locations from world capitals to a remote village in Bangladesh. Stories from her travels add colorful touches to her presentations. Dottie has helped U.S. business and nonprofit organizations deal effectively with overseas entities.

An important part of her mission with Transpacific Communications is helping to break down cultural barriers in the workplace, ensuring that talented individuals fulfill their promise. This simultaneously assists these government and private organizations to fulfill their mission by improving employee performance.