Leading in the Experience Age

11:20 – 12:20 PM

Session Description

The concept of the presentation is a required shift in organizational human capital strategy. Following the Industrial age, companies transitioned to the Information Age (also known as the Digital Age, data and analytics are power.) This is not going to be an effective strategy for the 21st Century. The talent pool of today is looking for more, they want continued and ongoing developmental opportunities; we are shifting to the Experience Age. Companies that want to compete for talent will need to make significant strategic shifts in how they view their workforce. The shift in perspective will lead to modifying the employee lifecycle, changes in recruitment, compensation, succession and retention planning, new engagement strategies, etc.


Attendees will:

  • Attract the best and brightest talent
  • Compensate and reward in a way that fits with who your employees are and what they really want
  • Create and sustain a culture that encourages people to show up as their best selves
  • Succession plan to always have an abundance of highly skilled and specialized talent
  • Become the workplace that no one wants to leave


Ed Krow

Ed Krow works with executives and business owners who are struggling with people problems, such as adapting to changing business conditions and customer, investor, or community expectations. He turns irrelevant and ineffective HR functions into strategic contributors by aligning HR with the business objectives. As a result, Human Resources actually drives business results. To date, Ed has completed over 700 projects for more than 250 clients across nearly all industries. Ed is an advocate for using Organizational Development strategies to drive business results. He speaks to senior leaders across the United States and Canada about how to turn their people into strategic contributors. He is the author of, “Strategic HR: Driving Bottom-Line Results Through Your People”. Ed’s clients and audiences include organizations as diverse as Johnson & Johnson, Goodwill Industries, Penn State University, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Utz Snack Foods. When he’s not working with clients, Ed can be found teaching at Millersville University. In his free time, Ed enjoys family time, travel, golf, the outdoors and Notre Dame and Baltimore Ravens football.