Learn Culture From The #1 Workplace in Tampa Bay

Friday 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Session Description

When we say we’re the best workplace in Tampa Bay we don’t mean it in a braggadocious way, but we have dozens of awards that show we are doing something right. My team and I have taken the small start-up culture that KnowBe4 had in the beginning and expanded it to encompass almost 900 employees across 9 countries. This presentation focuses on the lessons I’ve learned along the way and how HR teams need to start thinking about culture. Culture encompasses every interaction that employees have when they walk into your office and even some out of the office. How do your CEO and executives interact with employees? Are they transparent and open with information? How do you coach your VPs and directors on interacting with other human beings? How do you provide employees with feedback? Do you provide frequent and consistent feedback (i.e. monthly one-on-ones), or are you doing quarterly or even yearly performance reviews? Does your dress code allow for employees to be comfortable at work? Does your organization really NEED a business casual or even formal dress code? How do your employees recharge in the middle of a workday? Do you take anonymous feedback from employees and suggestions for improvement? I will get participants rethinking thinking every aspect of their company culture; the good the bad, the critical, and the frivolous. Next, HR professionals need to have systems for supporting their organization’s culture. I’ve implemented a framework at KnowBe4 that allows for the continuous growth of new aspects of our culture as well as support for old aspects of our culture that need to expand with our company. I will tell you how I did it and more importantly, how every participant of this presentation can do it for their organization. This will be an interactive presentation with audience engagement and props.

Learning Objectives

  1. The first learning objective of this presentation is to reshape how participants think about culture; to paint a picture that culture is more than just office parties.
  2. After they’ve started to really think about every aspect of their own company’s culture, the aim of this presentation is to provide participants with a to-do list of how to plan for and support their company’s culture, maintain a company’s culture during growth, and continue adding onto that culture.

Erika Lance

Erika Lance is a distinguished leader with 25+ years of experience in Human Resources. Currently, Erika is the Senior Vice President of People Operations at KnowBe4, one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity companies in the country. When she stepped into her role at KnowBe4 a year and a half ago, there were only about 400 employees; now there are 750+ and KnowBe4 is valued as a billion-dollar company. Erika ensures this hyper-growth organization continues to run properly while maintaining a unique and fun company culture. She has turned KnowBe4 into a philanthropic organization, highlighting at least one philanthropic activity every month. She has also championed the growth of inclusivity within the workplace by ensuring there is a focus on diversity in all aspects of the company, starting with hiring; resulting in a workforce of over 40% women, more than double the industry average. In 2018, Erika was awarded Tampa Bay Busines Journal’s People First Award for her countless contributions to the People Operations department at KnowBe4. Since Erika has come to KnowBe4 the company has earned dozens of accolades for culture; in 2019 alone KnowBe4 won 16 culture awards including: #1 Best Workplaces in Technology (Fortune), #1 Top Workplace (Tampa Bay Times), #1 Best Workplaces for Women (Fortune), #2 Best Places to Work (Tampa Bay Business Journal), and #2 Best Workplaces for Millennials (Fortune), to name a few.