Aligning Your HRIS to Your Organization’s Vision: HRIS Selection and Preparation for Implementation

12:45 – 1:45 PM

Session Description

Investing in a HRIS system is a major expense that you want to get right. However, for most of us, we have not been through the process of selecting and implementing a HR system. So where do you begin and what steps do you take to make your implementation a success and get the best ROI from the new system?

This session will provide basic guidance on the steps involved to properly develop your HRIS strategy to find the right system for your company and prepare for the implementation. It will provide a general overview of the steps for evaluating your needs, selecting the proper HR system, and preparing for the implementation. You will learn common mistakes to avoid on your journey to find the right system and be prepared to implement it successfully.


Attendees will:

  • Strategically map out the steps needed to successfully select a HR system.
  • Align your selection of a vendor with the strategic direction of the organization
  • Prepare for the implementation journey to obtain successful results.


Lori Lastowski

Lori is the founder of HRPT Consulting and the lead HR Technology Consultant. She specializes in assisting clients in choosing an HR system, implementing it or enhancing to get the best ROI from their HR system. Lori has over twenty-five years of experience in leadership roles in corporate payroll, HR operations, and HRIS implementation. After implementing her first HR system back in 2007 she fell in love with the process; thus, started her own company HRPT Consulting in 2018. Lori has expertise in system implementations, project administration, cost reduction, compliance tracking, best practices and staff management. She has provided her consulting services to many companies of all sizes from small companies of 300 employees to Enterprise companies with 30,000 plus employees. She enjoys the excitement of finding solutions to complex processes using the HR system, and ultimately resulting in an increased ROI.