Rethink Everything, Dismantle the Silos, and Move to Equity

Friday 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Session Description

Today is the time to rethink Diversity, Inclusion, Equality, by focusing on Equity. In this instance, the definition of equity is the degree of investment in diverse employees to achieve parity. After being invited to the table, will diverse groups benefit from the negotiated deals? Organizations can build robust mission statements around diversity; you can issue public-facing statements on inclusion; you can even champion equality, and never move to creating equity for diverse employees or female stakeholders. Historically, organizations are in two camps; some are waiting for the upheaval to die down while others are keenly focused on making a sustainable, measurable change, which organization do you lead? Which one do you want to drive?

Sometimes reinvention is necessary; other times, you need to throw it all out and start again, mainly when the organization’s mission and vision aren’t producing precise results. The second bold question, How do you find the courage to confront what isn’t working, dodge the argument that you cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater, and produce key performance indicators around DEI?

This session will focus on reconnecting your mission and vision with your D & I professional role. We will challenge, inspire, and motivate you to think like a pioneer and rediscover the power you hold as a champion for inclusive voices within your organization. We will utilize a ten-step approach to evaluate diversity and inclusion along with seven different hypotheses – gender, age, race, level of expertise, tenure, power, and competitive advantage. We will reshuffle the deck and show you how to build a bigger tent of champions to move all stakeholders towards equity.

Can you continue down the normal course after the seismic shift of the pandemic and racial justice? This year has shown us how and why we must move inclusion beyond lofty policies and mission statements. We must move to sustainable visual actions that include, recruiting diverse talent, retaining converging voices, building sustainable work towards executive leadership diversity, and making diversity, not a nice to have but a key advantage in your organizations’ core mission, corporate and social responsibility, and because it’s the right thing to do.

To dismantle the walls and silos around diversity, we must build a bigger tent that shows tangible movement for impacted groups – the final question, how big is your tent, and who needs to be at the table?

Learning Objectives

  1. Remove the blinders of mission accomplished and recognize that D & I must evolve through continuous reinvention – what worked yesterday will not work moving forward. We will offer attendees an objective overview of what it means to continue championing D & I initiative as the global marketplace evolves.
  2. Evaluate how D & I professionals can build a more inclusive mission and vision that includes all stakeholders in the organization without alienating the next generation of pioneers.
  3. How to move inclusion beyond lofty policies and mission statements to sustainable visual actions that include recruiting diverse talent, retaining converging voices within our organizations, and solidly focus diversity and inclusions core mission as a corporate and social responsibility.

Margaret Spence

Margaret Spence – Founder, The Employee to CEO Project | CEO – C. Douglas & Associates, Inc. Keynote speaker, author, business strategist, executive leadership coach, and visionary trailblazer. CEO of C. Douglas & Associates, Inc. and Founder, The Employee to CEO Project. She is a transformational leadership development expert and keynote speaker disrupting the way organizations advance diverse women into executive leadership. A transformational leadership development expert, keynote speaker, business strategist, and champion for women in the C-Suite. Determined to create a glide path for diversity and inclusion in executive leadership, Margaret launched The Employee to CEO Project, a global initiative aimed at increasing the representation of women, with specific emphasis on minority women, in C-Level leadership roles. Her bold mission to empower ten-thousand women, over the next five years, into executive leadership and ultimately into the C-Suite. Margaret has authored three books. Her latest book, Leadership Self-Transformation: 52 Career-Defining Questions Every High-Achieving Women Must Answer, challenges women to clarify their vision, pivot from expert to leader, and build the career they want. The opening chapter of her book asks women two simple questions, what do you want, and why don’t you have it now?