Negotiating Benefits 101

2:00 – 3:00 PM

Session Description

Attendees will learn how to build health benefits plans that attract and retain employees while managing costs. As a CFO, CHRO and licensed benefits broker, Steve Watson knows each side of the conversation when it comes to creating benefits plans because he knows what’s important to each party. In this session, Steve shares his passion for finding a better way to set up benefits plans with creative solutions that fight against the rigged system most employers have to wade through. Learn how to bend the cost curve without providing inferior health coverage, as well as the four core components to successfully negotiate benefits so your company can get the right care for the right price.


Attendees will:

  • Learn what is driving up medical premiums.
  • Learn how broker compensation works and how it can influence (for better or worse) the health plans that are being presented to you.
  •  Learn the basics of fully insured and self-insured plans and what makes sense for each company


Steve Watson

Steve has a passion for learning a business and helping to solve its problems. He studied finance and international finance at BYU before launching a successful career. By the time he earned the title CFO, he was managing not only the company’s finances, but also all of their HR initiatives, including securing health care. His natural curiosity and affinity for helping others to the best of his ability led him to earn his MBA, CPA certificate, and SHRM-SCP certificate. Lately he has taken this same curiosity and background in finance and human resources and applied it to the employee benefit industry. He became a licensed advisor in order to “peek behind the veil” and understand all the incentives in place. With this knowledge he is now helping employers replicate best practices and lower their employee health benefits with no impact to employees. And when he’s not helping businesses succeed, he’s at home spending time with his wife and seven children.