Employee Wellness: Building a Supportive Culture within a Company during a Pandemic.

Friday 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Session Description

In this 45 minute presentation, I’ll be discussing community, culture and how to thrive during hard times. I’ll be talking about the correlation between professional athletes and professional employees and how myself and my associates have been able to get them back in the game or job operating at peak performance regardless of how hard life has been. I’ll be discussing the main difference between employee presenteeism vs. absenteeism as well as the impact of creating a culture of Health and Wellness. Then a clear next actionable step on developing a self-care productivity schedule.

Learning Objectives

  1. Information & Tools on Emotional, Physical & Mental Wellness.
  2. How to support Employees and self from Burn Out.
  3. 30 day Productivity Schedule to Enhance Employee Presentism.

Tanya Oliver

Tanya Sliva is the Founder of MHTF Wellness. She’s been highly successful in the Fitness Industry for over 17 years coaching High End Achievers, CEOs of fortune 100-500 companies, Professional Athletes and every day people striving to Look, Feel & Show Up in their Life and Career as their Best-Self.

Today Tanya is expanding her knowledge and success blueprint to HR Experts so they can incorporate the same information towards creating their own winning team within the company